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Discount Travel

 Dreaming of going on that fabulous vacation of a lifetime, but find it slipping  farther and farther into the future? There are simple ways to take that vacation much sooner than you think.

Instead of contacting either a travel agent or online discount travel web site first, go directly to the source. Quite often you can save even more money by booking directly from the airline's own website. Check out the following:

___See if the airline offers "web specials" for their tickets. Many times these specials are offered at greater discounts than travel agents and discount travel sites can get you.

___Check if the airline's website offers flight specials via email notifications when you sign up for them. When you are ready to start booking your trip be sure to check your email daily in order to prevent missing out on the special you are looking for.

___There is one particular site (and could be more) that offers airline tickets for as low as 18 cents. The key is that you need to book your tickets within a short period of time--often by the end of the day. You will also be required to pay taxes and airport fees, and country taxes if you are flying to another country. However, in the end, most likely you are still paying far less than a standard ticket price.

___Check to see if the airline offers a flight discount club. Some airlines give even better discounts when you join their club. It may cost a little, but could be well worth your investment.

___If you are wanting to go on vacation to another country, check to see if flying first into a nearby country and then hopping on that country's domestic airline to the country you desired. Let's say for example, Russia could be more expensive to fly directly from the United States. However, if you fly from United States to France and then from France to Russia it will save hundreds of dollars on your flight. You will need to take some time to research this carefully, but it could be worth it.

___Check out the airline's "Vacation Packages". Some airlines offer packages that include: airline tickets, hotel stays and more. This is definitely worth checking into.

___Don't forget about future vacations. Most airlines allow you to earn "Miles" for future travel. Some airlines offer a free frequent traveler program; others may require you to sign up for a credit card associated with their airline.

Most often our first instinct is to go to a travel broker, such as a travel agent or discount travel site. However, if you keep your eye out and take the time to research you can get better deals by going directly to the source. You may even find the same scenario when searching for hotel and car rental discounts.





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Discount Travel

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