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Being overweight or obese increases your risks of a variety of illnesses and also negatively affects your quality of life. Losing weight can be difficult. If it were easy, everyone would be lean and muscular. It becomes easier to maintain a healthy weight when it becomes a habit. There are health supplements that can help, but no “magic pills”. Here, you can learn about helpful health supplements and habit changes that can help you lose weight naturally and easily.

Keep a Food Diary

For one week, right down everything that you eat or drink, along with the calorie content and the fat content. Try not to limit yourself during this week. Eat as you normally do. This effort can help you to identify some of the high calorie, high fat foods in your regular diet.

While it is possible to gain weight without eating fat, it is highly unusual. Fats in foods are more rapidly converted to body fat. It takes longer for your body to convert carbs and protein to body fat. It also requires more energy to convert those kinds of foods to body fat. So, eating carbs and proteins actually helps your body burn more calories.

Cut Out 250 Calories

Once you have your food diary completed, figure out where you can cut out just 250 calories per day. This might be by having a sandwich with mustard instead of mayonnaise or by choosing not to have cheese on your sandwich. Once slice of cheese is approximately 100 calories and most of the calories are from fat.

Try to cut out the fat calories, rather than the protein or carb calories. Your food diary is likely to help you find that high calorie foods often come in small packages that don’t really fill you up. So, you eat more of them.

Burn an Extra 250 Calories

By cutting out 250 calories and burning an extra 250 calories per day, you create a deficit of 500 calories. There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat. So, you can lose one pound of fat per week by doing both. Walking for 30 minutes twice a day burns about 250 calories.

Try to find activities that you enjoy and simply become more activity. Exercise while you are watching TV. If you normally drive to the convenience store 5 minutes away, walk instead. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Any of these little changes will help.

Supplements that Help

First, you need a good multi-nutritional supplement that contains more than just vitamins and minerals. Extra ingredients that help with weight loss include:

· Green tea

· Resveratrol

· Ginkgo

· Turmeric extract

· SAMe


· Milk thistle extract

· Iodine

If low energy levels keep you from exercising, you might also want to try an energy booster containing bee pollen and Siberian ginseng. If you have other health concerns, such as depression, difficulty sleeping or hormonal imbalances, there are specialty supplements that can address those issues and give you additional help in losing weight.

Start with a totally balanced multi-nutritional supplement. You may find that it gives you the energy you need, stabilizes your appetite and reduces food cravings, which are often caused by something lacking in the diet. A good multi-nutritional supplement could provide all of the help you need to lose weight.

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